Why should you choose our brand:

While EAGLEVIEW is a manufacturer of quality security cameras and hope to work with large volume buyers, the points I touch upon would help any installer looking for a security camera to make a more educated decision. It can be hard trying to figure things out with limited information.

When you search for cheap security cameras on an online portal you get thousands of search results leaving you more confused than ever.I’ll try to give you some insight of the difference between cheap security cameras and little more expensive ones from a manufacturers perspective. In this post, i’ll focus on explaining IP cameras as we ourselves are IP camera specialists.

There is one thing to be said for a price premium to buy a brand name. Besides this, its in the specifications and usually the lack of specifications to make you think you are getting the same product.

Here is what you would expect to see in a typical product title –

720P 1/3" CMOS Sensor, 15m Infrared, 3.6mm lens

Even with technical specifications, you wont get too much more information in a listing.  What is worse, is that certain suppliers sells cameras as 2mp, just because the lens is 2mp (see below), while the sensor is a 1mp.  Our lenses are 3mp and our sensors start from 1mp.  WE SELL A 1MP AS A 720P, 1.3MP AS A 960P AND 2MP AS A 1080P.  Unluckily most cheap suppliers will sell you cameras for to good to be true prices and when you bring it to us, our 1mp outperforms their 2mp camera.  It is because of the lens and image sensor quality combined with the CPU we use.  A cheaply manufactured 2mp camera will not keep up with a quality 1mp.

720P = 1 Megapixel. What does this really tell you?

This refers to the CPU of the camera. A CPU that handles 1 Megapixel video can be manufactured by many different chip manufacturers. Name brand cameras may use a slightly more expensive CPU e.g. Ambarella. Mid range ones use Hisilicon and there are a range of cheaper ones from smaller Chinese companies like Anyka, Ingenic, Goke, Sonix, etc. The cheap security cameras you see nowadays are able to drop the prices because these CPUs are being developed by more and more low end chip manufacturers. There is a difference between buying a Range Rover and a Hyundai even though they both can do 100km/h. ​Better CPUs usually have better stability and additional features. Hi3518E + OV9712 module

Image Sensor

​To go with this is an image sensor which are from companies like Sony, Aptina, Omnivision, SmartSens, etc.​

I have listed these sensors in order of image quality. Sony does an IMX range for security cameras e.g. IMX322, IMX323, IMX291 (starlight sensor). Aptina has very good nightvision sensors, Omnivision is good value, SmartSens does low cost. ​The size of an image sensor usually relates to the resolution and view angle. most commonly they would be listed as 1/4″ or 1/3″. The latter being larger gives a wider angle.

Hi3518 + OV9712 IP Camera module sensor


The lens that sits on top of the sensor is also very important, a cheap lens will give a more cloudy or darker image as it allows less light to pass through, while a good lens image is crystal clear. If the aim is to build a cheap security camera, the manufacturer will use a 1 Megapixel lens on a 1 Megapixel sensor. A better factory would use a 3 megapixel lens. Theres no way to really check this by specification.

A few other pointers would be nightvision, usually listed as 10 meters / 15 meters. These numbers are usually just estimated. Its hard to say how far a torch would shine in your house. Better companies use more powerful nightvision LED lights e.g. 10µ each, very cheap security cameras would have lesser power nightvision boards to save on costs e.g. 8µ. A common issue is that the nightvision boards go defective quite soon if they are poorly made.

Two way audio – You can easily guess the difference between a good and poor mic and speaker for audio.  Our WAPA range gives most value for money when it comes to audio.