This is very important.  Our DVR/NVR systems is set at default to tranmit more quality than speed, where other manufacturers prefer speed over quality.  This will cause only 3 or 4 cameras to open on remote view or even to not open with an error message. 

Change the settings here.  Every DVR/NVR has substream settings that can be changed.  The substream is the stream transmitted to the phone or over the internet.

As can be seen above, you are on 214kb's per channel at default.  This means 16 cameras will need 3.5mb upload speed from your internet connection to work (a 10mb ADSL line only has 1mb upload speed, and THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM COMES IN).  But, if you drop the substream to lower settings, you will have about 64kb upload per camera which gives exactly 1mb upload over 16 channels in total.  This is perfect for a ADSL line.  So, in effect, try to not have the substream at higher than 64kb's on a ADSL.  On 3G and 4G you can have higher settings since upload speeds on these can achieve 10mb or higher, BUT PLEASE remember you will use a lot of data at this speeds.  This is the same for ANY BRAND or system out there.